High-Level Specifications for a Prototype Commercial System

During 2012, six companies and the Earth Institute worked to develop high-level specifications for a prototype commercial system for a shared, driverless vehicle fleet. A small gated community under development was selected.

Consumer Modeling: Residents were interviewed and their daily transportation patterns were analyzed to produce profiles of typical residents and what their daily mobility needs would be.

Specifications for Smartphone and Tablet Apps: faberNovel, a design and innovation company, prepared specifications for the smartphone and tablet-based apps that would be needed for consumers to interface with the driverless vehicle service, including hailing a vehicle, providing the vehicle with destination information, and receiving estimates from the vehicle on when it would arrive, and when the destination would be reached.

Transportation Modeling: Travel patterns for residents of the community were modeled and analyzed. Estimates indicated that a fleet of 10 driverless vehicles would meet the needs of the initial 200 residents for travel within the gated community.

Specifications for Vehicles and Driverless Technology: High-level specifications were developed for the types of vehicles that would be needed and the functionalities that would be required of the driverless vehicle technology and dispatch software systems.